Recommended Faith-Based Books

For those who enjoy reading, self-help books can be a therapeutic tool that combined with regular counseling, can provide an extra push in progressing through some of our biggest stressors. Even without attending counseling, reading can provide benefits, such as stress reduction, knowledge, mental stimulation, improved focus and concentration, among others.

If you share the Christian Faith, you can find a list of Hope Counseling’s top 3 recommended faith-based books that can be helpful in your therapeutic process or just in life in general. Even if you don’t share the Christian Faith, these books encompass practical elements that can be implemented in every day life.

present over perfect

Written by Shauna Niequist, Present over Perfect shares about Shauna’s journey of choosing a more simple life and embracing that life that she was meant to live rather than stretching herself to please others.

Recommended for: Individuals who struggle with establishing boundaries,  are consumed by the stress of intense demands, struggle with perfection and self-imposed expectations, and want to find a way to choose and live a more simple life.

Dr. Gary Chapman brings an alternative point of view regarding the way we love. Written in 1995, The 5 Love Languages takes a closer look at how individuals love one another and provides practical tips to apply the concepts discussed on a daily basis.

Recommended for: Couples and individuals who would like to engage in a journey about self-discovery and would like to improve their relationships by understanding how they love and how others around them love them.

Emily Ley is an author, mother and entrepreneur whose mission is to inspire women to live a simple life. Grace not Perfection tells part of Emily’s story in creating a simple life and steps that she took to do so. With sections that allow the reader to journal, this book allows for women to evaluate their lives and create an action plan to simply their lives.

Recommended for: Busy women who feel overwhelmed by their daily responsibilities and would like to develop practical skills to simply their lives.

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Journal Writing Tips

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining Hope Counseling’s Blog. We are going to be posting blogs on a different wellness and mental health topics as well as doing live videos on social media concerning each of the topics we write about. Today we are going to be giving practical journal writing ideas that can enhance your wellness and mental health. Please feel free to comment additional blog ideas!

First let’s define what it is to journal. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, to journal is to “record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use”. Simple as that. I used to think that journal writing was necessarily writing every detail of your day. However, it is a powerful tool that you can utilize on a daily basis with several prompts in order to engage in self-reflection and to cope with life in general.

Journal writing is beneficial to our mental health to organize our thoughts, establish clear and specific goals, express feelings that are too difficult to articulate to others, enhance creativity, among other benefits.

Here are some journal writing prompts that can assist you start 2019 in the right path:

  • Write down your SMART goals for 2019 and establish dates in which you are going to accomplish these. Click this link for more information on SMART goals: https://www.smartsheet.com/blog/essential-guide-writing-smart-goals
  • After you write your SMART goals for 2019, write about the goals that you would like to complete within the next three months. Break down your goals in the categories of finances, health, career, education, family, spirituality, etc.
  • Make a specific plan to accomplish these goals and write down the behaviors or thought patterns you will need to modify in order to accomplish each goal.
  • List five to ten positive affirmations that can motivate you to accomplish your goals for 2019! Click this link for ideas on positive affirmations: https://dailyburn.com/life/lifestyle/instagram-positive-affirmations/

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