Lynnette Perez, LMHC

Lynnette Perez LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

“In a world where we encounter so much stigma toward asking for help regarding mental health, I am blessed and privileged to be able to help those that build up the courage to face their challenges and difficulties head on. As a therapist, I love providing a safe space for my clients to open up while addressing and healing from those things that have been causing challenges in different areas of their lives.
I am passionate about the work that I do as a therapist and believe that the real work happens when we allow ourselves to explore our family of origin and history in order to understand ourselves as individuals and the world around us and heal from past hurts and trauma. 
I also take into consideration the client’s religious views and incorporate them into the counseling process if they so desire. Cultural awareness and competency is also important to me since culture plays a vital role in our behaviors and beliefs. I speak Spanish and English and look forward to helping others regardless of their ethnic background and culture.”