5 Tips to end the Mental Health Stigma

It is 2022 and you would think that Mental Health is a dinner table topic. However, still today 40% of individuals dealing with depression and anxiety struggle to seek help due to stigma1. We thought that it would be helpful to write about ways that we can end the stigma surrounding mental health.

  • Educate yourself-Many of the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that lead to misconceptions about mental health solely come from lack of education.
  • Choose your words carefully-Words like “crazy”, among others bring shame to those who are struggling with mental health. Be sensitive about jokes and avoid taking suicide and self-harm lightly.
  • Talk about it-If you are struggling yourself, it is ok to share your story. It may open the door for someone else to seek help and support.
  • Be aware of cultural biases and educate-Many cultures are still closed off to going to therapy. Be patient but also take the time to educate and normalize mental health concerns.
  • Consider mental health concerns as equal to physical health concerns-Your brain is an organ; the organ that has to do with mental health. In the same way that we would go to a cardiologist for a heart condition, it is appropriate to see a therapist or psychiatrist to manage mental health concerns. Even more so, your brain is the command center of your entire body. If your brain is not doing well, it can affect the rest of your organs. Take care of it, as of yet, there are no brain transplant surgeries.

Feel free to share with us other ways that we can end the stigma. If you need help, you may contact us at (407) 906-5214.

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